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Apart from fitting Tow Bars, I also re-wire Trailers, Fit Thule, Rhino Roof Racks and associated Accessories.

Please call or email and I will get back to you with an accurate quote ASAP.

Trailer Electrics and


Have you got a trailer that has faulty wiring? Do your lights flicker or run awkwardly? Maybe it's time for a service.....

  • Service from $110 inc gst. Plug and lights only. Bulbs Extra.
  • Complete Re-wire with new plug $220, Extra for New light assemblies.

Roof Rack Fitting Service

Not all Cars are the same dimsensions, So not all Roof Racks are the same. Every Roof Rack has a diferent purpose, weight capabilities, and accessories to match. Rhino and Thule are by far the most tried and tested Roof Rack equipment available.

Both of which I can supply. If you purchase a Tow Bar and have it fitted by Towbars 2 U and you purchase a Roof Rack system at *RRP, I will waive the fitting fee on the roof rack. ($35 Value)

*RRP(Recommended Retail Price)

Permanent Mount  Roof Rack Systems

There are 2 types of Permanent mount systems for Certain Vehicles..

  •  Track system, where by you can have up to (depending on the length of your roof) 4 Roof Rack cross bars or just 2 and have them at your own desired distance from each other.
  • Pad Mount....( More for a Car Application)To which only 2 cross bars can be fitted and Permanent Pads will be left installed on the Roof of your car. 
  •  Kits at *RRP + $110 fitting

*RRP(Recommended Retail Price)

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